PaR – Mercedes Benz

This is my new collaboration with the Daimler/Mercedez Benz personal training team. Within this project, I have been engaged to create 3 animations under
the topics “Community”, “Learning Journey” and “Storytelling”.
I started the project with design and development of the Storyboards, using
different daily life scenes as a visual metaphors of the
client’s scripts.
After the Storyboards and animatics were finalized, I coordinated a team of
specialists to produce the animations. The final result included a mix of charather and 2D animations, and some 3D sceneries in order to recreate the 3 different scripts.
Indeed within this collaboration I have been covering different roles in the elaboration of this project: direction and team coordination, Storyboard elaboration, motion graphics and C4D/AE design and composition.